Does TT only work when app is open/in background?

I can only get TT to work if I have opened the app on my phone and leave it in the background. If the app is closed down it will not work. Does that mean that every time I reboot my phone I need to open the app, connect the TT and then make sure the app stays open in the background?

Also, even if I leave the app in the background, when I leave the house and return I cannot get the TT to work until I bring the app back to the foreground and make sure it connects.

In the privacy settings I have the Location set to “always”, Bluetooth “on”, home data “on”, and Background App Refresh set to “on”

I really want to like your product but it takes a lot More work to use TT than it is worth.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if there is something I can do to correct the problem.


Yes it should work flawlessly in the background. I’m glad you confirmed those settings. And even after a reboot your phone should connect with your remote.

It is possible for it to get into a state where you have to press a button twice before it connects, but that’s often because of a weak bluetooth connection (too far) or a low battery. Try changing out the battery or ensuring it is no more than 10-15 feet away from the iPhone. It works with longer distances, but less reliably.

One thing to check is in iOS Settings, go to Bluetooth and see that the remote is connected, without opening the TT app. If you see that it’s connected, it should work. If it’s not in that list, and you open the app and it connects, then the only thing I can think of is older hardware. I personally have had issues with old iPads staying reliably connected, but newer iPads work great.