Wireless charging?

@samuelclay - I’m most definitely not knowledgable enough to hack this together, but I was looking for possible ways to keep my TurnTouch charged without a constant stack of CR2032 batteries. Since I’ve already got a 7.5W WPC Qi-compliant charging pad, I wondered if there were some really tiny ICs and components that could be brought together to make it possible.

What follows is a bunch of links to components and some examples (a lot are from of Texas Instruments’ product pages). I was thinking a relatively straightforward swap for a rechargeable LR2032, but maybe a move to a small Li-Po cell would give better power density.

I’m sure someone with the expertise would at least have fun trying.

Circuit references:

Possible ICs (yeah, I’m clearly not an engineer, so forgive if these are idiotic):


https://www.mouser.com/Search/Refine.aspx?Keyword=760308101208 (there seem to be two from Wurth, but I don’t know the precise difference)

I appreciate the interest, but the CR2032 should last a year. Since you only need to replace it once a year why bother with a complicated charging routine? CR2032s are easy to buy and you might want to keep them around just like other battery types.

Right; CR2032s are no exotic and not expensive.

I must’ve had a bum battery or something – the idea was based on how quickly it depleted, and I had hardly used it; I don’t think I even touched it for a month after moving the pairing to my computer from my phone (it sat idle while I was trying to think of ways to configure it).

Sorry for the dumb. :sweat_smile: