Who wants to buy my turntouch?

Received my Turntouch. Sync’d it to my macmini without issue. Realized it can’t control HomeKit from OSX. Asked multiple times if I could return it, but never got a response. Put it back in the box where it’s cluttering up my home.

45$ includes shipping in the USA. I know many people love it. If you’re one of them, maybe you would like a second one?


Hey I haven’t gotten any emails about returns, and I get real-time notification for all communication. That said, there are no returns for the Kickstarter campaign, but I am a bit concerned that you tried to reach out to me and I didn’t receive your message. Did you use email?

We emailed back and forth multiple times. I asked several questions re: setup, HomeKit etc, and also asked if you took returns (each time). You thoughtfully answered all questions except for the return one. So to be fair, I received A response, just not a response to that specific question even though I asked multiple times. I took that to mean you didn’t want to address it. I apologize for the confusion.

@jettmike I’ll definitely take it off your hands. Sorry to hear it wasn’t quite what you hoped it would be.

Great! No need to be sorry. I’m happy to have supported the project. Just didn’t meet my specific need.

Is there a PM function on this board to exchange info? I can’t locate :slight_smile:

Totally understandable. No PM that I can find, you can shoot me an email at redacted