Unable to connect to WeMo

I use the remote to simultaneously control hue lights and WeMo switches.
It was working very well for a while.

I bought a third WeMo switch, but the app would not find it.
So I removed the previous 2 WeMo switches from the Mac app in hopes that re - pairing with WeMo would recognize all 3.

Now none of them work.
(It doesn’t matter how many times I try to “Scan for Devices”, it never finds any (I’ve tried multiple times per day for a couple of weeks now).

I have a version of the app on an iPad that still has the old configuration. It still controls the 2 original WeMo switches (but isn’t able to find the new one), but it cannot connect to my hue lights (just shows “Connecting to Hue…” and expanding/contracting purple circles)

It should work on the first scan, so it’s unlikely to be fixed that way. Can you try reinstalling the app? As in deleting it and redownloading from turntouch.com/app. I wonder if a setting has made it impossible to find new Wemos.

I just added a new wemo to my home network and both iOS and the mac app found it, so I’m flummoxed.

I figured the WeMo part out - it only works after the router is reset. (I think it has to do with wemo updates)
Unplugging the router and waiting for a few minutes before turning it back on allowed both my computer and ipad to (eventually) recognize the WeMo properly.

Unfortunately, the ipad does not connect to my Hue bulbs anymore. (I reinstalled the app when I was messing with settings). When I select Hue, my bridge is found, but when I try to connect to it, I just get the “Connecting to Hue …” message and the purple circles.

The hue app on the ipad works, and if I select hue settings in homekit on the turntouch app, it woks as well, but it has been several days of my trying to connect to the bridge without success =(