Unable to connect to WeMo


I use the remote to simultaneously control hue lights and WeMo switches.
It was working very well for a while.

I bought a third WeMo switch, but the app would not find it.
So I removed the previous 2 WeMo switches from the Mac app in hopes that re - pairing with WeMo would recognize all 3.

Now none of them work.
(It doesn’t matter how many times I try to “Scan for Devices”, it never finds any (I’ve tried multiple times per day for a couple of weeks now).

I have a version of the app on an iPad that still has the old configuration. It still controls the 2 original WeMo switches (but isn’t able to find the new one), but it cannot connect to my hue lights (just shows “Connecting to Hue…” and expanding/contracting purple circles)