Unable to connect to hue bridge

I’m new and setting up the first turn touch. I can use the mac app to find my hue bridge and when I connect I then get a “Connection to Hue bridge lost” and I have to go back through “refresh”, select it, and then the error repeats.

The remote says it’s on firmware v6 and a fresh install of the app from yesterday. I do not have an iphone/etc device to compare if it’s something in the application or what.

Any hints on things to try?


Does the app see the bridge at any point? Does it show the bridge name?

Yes it seems the name and the IP address of the bridge and it is when I click connect that it then gives me the error

I got the same issue : "Connection to Hue bridge lost”
Any solution?

12 days ago Ive posted here a problem… and nothing @samuelclay Can you please advice?

Hi Adi, have you upgraded your Hue firmware? Can you check if there are any software updates using the official Hue app? Do you have the v1 or v2 hub (v1 is a circle, v2 is square)?

I just tried it out and it works OK, so I’m not sure where the bug is. You could try the “Clean Up” action in the official Hue app, and then reauthenticate Turn Touch with the bridge. That should ensure a clean connection. You’ll have to re-pair it (hitting the pairing button) but that’s it. I also recommend hitting that pairing button when you’re in this flow even if the app doesn’t say to. I don’t know why that would work but it’s possible it’s a pairing issue.

Hi @samuelclay,
Thank you for your reply!
Hitting the paring button does not work for me,
I also have 15 bulbs in my house so I cant just “clean up” my bridge since it will erase all my house settings.
I have the V2(Square) bridge with the latest firmware :

I don’t believe using Clean Up removes the bulbs. It does remove automations and scenes. Do you have any automations setup? Clean up is needed to get the bridge into a state that the app connect.

By the way, do you have a Mac and can you install the Turn Touch Mac app (turntouch.com/app) and see if Hue works from there?