Turn Touch app/device dependance

I recently purchased a Turn Touch Remote under the impression I could use it the same way I use my Philips Hue Tap Switch i.e. to simply control my Hue lights with a tactile controller. But it seems I’m required to periodically open the Turn Touch iOS app on my phone to reconnect the remote whenever I return home. Is this normal behaviour/by design?

Forgive my ignorance! But I don’t see the benefit in having a physical remote control if it requires you to open an app every time you want to use it. It would be easier for me to just execute the controls on my phone instead.

Am I missing something?

No you should not need to open the app, ever really. Apart from initial setup. If your phone is disconnecting from the remote while the remote stays nearby then you have a faulty Bluetooth setup on your phone which is hard to diagnose.

When this happens, instead of opening the app, try going to your phones settings app, going to Bluetooth, and turning it on or off. This is different than using the bottom swipe control center which doesn’t actively restart Bluetooth. That should help your phone made a solid connection to the remote.

Thanks for responding.

You say “if your phone is disconnecting from the remote while the remote stays nearby…” but what about when I leave home, taking my phone with me but leaving the remote at home — when I return home should the remote automatically reconnect with my phone without needing to open the app?

For what it’s worth my phone has always recognised and reconnected to other bluetooth devices when nearby i.e. car audio, wireless headphones etc.

Regardless I’ve toggled BT like you suggested. Will let you know how that goes.

Thanks again!

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FYI toggling bluetooth didn’t help at all. Once I leave home (where my turn touch remote lives) my phone loses connection with the remote and it doesn’t automatically pair itself again when I return.

Simply opening the turn touch iOS app will reconnect the remote, but this defeats the purpose of having a remote in my opinion.

Is this normal/expected behaviour?

What model phone is it? Older pines tend to not look for Bluetooth as often and iOS will kick out Turn Touch for memory reasons. Also, you need to ensure that Location Services in the background are enabled. Can you post the screenshot of this screen?

I’m using an iPhone X. Yep, locations services set to Always too.

Then something is up because it should work flawlessly on your hardware. I’m not sure what it is but you may want to try a new circuit board.

Note that the discount is applied at checkout. Should be free.

I appreciate the help, but I don’t know what discount your referring to though. Is there a code I was supposed to receive?

Just following up on that last post.

FYI this went nowhere so I just spent $70AUD on a lump of wood. Would love a refund at this point.

Sorry for sitting on this, I’m just about done with my cross country move. Anyway the discount code is FREEBOARD and it should be automatically applied when you click that link above.

No worries, thanks for reaching out again. I’ll let you know how I go with the replacement board.

How did it go?

No help unfortunately, which leaves me unsure what else to try.

All of my other bluetooth devices have always worked as expected – car audio, AirPods, Bose QC35s etc


We can try it again, buy another circuit board and I’ll ship you another replacement. I test these before I send them out but I’ll make sure to double check this board.