Tp-link ( Kasa app support )

Loving my TT…
Was just wondering if you intend on adding support for Kasa app.

Recently got a couple smart plugs and currently using them for lights etc with the phone app…

Would be really cool if I could control them with my TurnTouch…

Many thanks

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What brand of smart plugs?

Hey Sam,

The brand is Tp-link…

FYI I just setup the python pyHS100 library at in conjunction with the software on a chip device (like a raspberry pi).

Now I have backup non-internet/local network functionality for my TP-Link Kasa devices. :slight_smile:

Hi Sam,

Any luck with Kasa app implementation?

Ok, I just bought a TP-Link power switch, so I may get to this eventually.

The entire protocol has been reverse engineered & documented for these devices, which is great.

But FYI TP-Link devices should already work via IFTTT once that goes live.

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Hi Sam,
Did you manage to control TP-link with TT?