Support for Wink Home Automation

Personally I mostly use the Wink eco system for my home automation. It would be really nice if turn touch could control this natively. I have homebridge-wink setup so I can control stuff with that way but native wink integration would allow me to use my wink shortcuts and groups directly (which aren’t exposed via the homebridge-wink) system.

The wink API doc is available here:

Anybody else want to see this? I’ve heard a couple suggestions about Wink support but I’m trying to figure out where to best spend time on the app. It may be Wink, I just need to be convinced.

What Wink devices did you start out with and which ones are you using? What routines do you have in the Wink app and what do you want in button form?

I would also like Wink automation. I use it to do grouping, scheduling and controlling my Lutron dimmer switches