Spotify/Sonos Integration with Music app on iOS

I just got my TurnTouch, and so far it’s a very neat little device. I’m having a few issues with the music controls, though - I have my 2nd app set up to control music, and my third app set up to control Sonos. Currently, I am playing some music through Spotify on my Sonos speaker. When I turn the volume up or down while in the music app, it works fine; the volume on the speaker goes up or down. When I hit play/pause, though, it starts music playing from Apple Music through my phone’s speakers, and when I hit the button for next track, nothing happens. When I’m in the Sonos app, all of the controls work normally. Is there any way to detect what music app is playing in the music control and apply the commands to that app?

Can you post a screenshot of the app that’s running? I think the play/pause button you’re hitting is in the Music app, not the Sonos app.

Oh, I think I may be understanding the issue here - when I’m in the Music pane inside TurnTouch, is that controlling the system music, or is that controlling Apple Music? I assumed the former, but maybe it’s the latter?

It’s controlling the Music app, which is either Apple Music or your local library. I access it through a system API. Unfortunately I can’t access individual apps on iOS like Spotify.

What it looks like it that sometimes you use Sonos and sometimes you use your iphone’s Speaker or a bluetooth speaker. You’d like the remote to auto detect which one is playing.

I suppose I can have it check if Sonos is playing and if you hit the next track button it tries Sonos first and then goes to the native music app. But that feels a bit too magical and hidden and would probably lead to you not knowing which state you’re in.

I use Airfoil to achieve the same thing. It’s a paid app but it works wonderfully.