Sonos speakers not detected in TurnTouch app


I have two TurnTouch reports - love them - running separately through different installs of the TurnTouch app on my iPhone and iPad.

Everything works perfect, except… the TurnTouch app on my iPad (and therefore my second TurnTouch remote linked to it) cannot find my sonos speaker - it just loops forever on “searching for sonos”.

The other TurnTouch app (and TurnTouch remote) on my iPhone has no issues finding and controlling my sonos speakers. Both remotes are on the latest v6 firmware and I have the latest app on both iPhone and iPad. They are also both connected to my WiFi network (which sonos is also on). My iPad has no issues connected to the sonos speaker through the sonos app or airplay only when trying to do so in the TurnTouch app.

I’ve tried rebooting my Wi-Fi network, rebooting the sonos speaker and iPad as well as reinstalling the TurnTouch app but nothing works.

Can you help?

Cheers, Mark