Sonos etc

Hey there,

so I finally have received my Turn Touch today and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed.

Sonos is not working, Speaker selection empty, workaround with IFTTT.

Also it would be nice to have a 32 button setup. 4 profiles (hold) and for every profile independent single and double click. Example Sonos: North single Volume Up, double Unmute, East single Next Track, double Previous Track, Soutg single Volume Down, double Mute, West single Resume, double Pause.

8 actions on 4 buttons :wink: Also double click triggers for IFTTT.



I have a Sonos Play:1 and a Sonos One and both show up on my local wifi network. I’m not sure why your devices aren’t showing up. They show up instantly on the Sonos app on the same device? Do you have an odd network map?

I have the same problem, a blank Sonos dropdown. I’ve seen it both on the macOS and iOS apps. The latest version from the site and App Store respectively.

My network is flat; the Sonos devices and the iMac running the software are on the same layer 2 network. I have Sonos Controller apps on all kinds of devices that see them correctly.

They are all running Sonos 9.3 (build 47259120). I have a Playbar with PLAY:1 L+Rs, a Playbase w PLAY:1 L+Rs, a standalone PLAY:3 and a standalone PLAY:5 in my setup.

Any update here? Running the Sonos controller 9.3.1 on my iPad with all my Sonos devices on 9.3, and the Turn Touch app does not register any of the devices on the network.

This is frustrating but I can’t reproduce the issue. I can see my Sonos network from both iOS and the Mac. I would need to diagnose your setup, so the best I can offer is if either of you, or anybody else, is in Boston or NYC and wouldn’t mind having me diagnose and fix it in your home, I’d love to fix it. I will also gift you a free turn touch remote for the trouble.

I’m also getting the blank Sonos speaker selection.

I’m using the Mac app, which is also running the Sonos app. It can see all of the speakers. Mac is connected to network via ethernet, 5 sonos devices are all connected via wifi.

Router is an Orbi.

Happy to provide any other troubleshooting information that might be useful.

Hmm, I also have an Orbi and I’m running the Mac app. Do you have the ability to run Xcode? The Mac app is available at If you can run it I would love to step through it with you (over screen sharing). Let’s make this happen!

Yes! Let’s do it. Let me get it running locally and I’ll follow up out of band.

This is now a solved problem. Hooray! And thank you to everybody for your help.

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And the resolution is an update to the app?

Yep, just download the latest version of either the Mac or the iOS apps and let me know if that works.