Push to Talk in Discord

I regularly use Discord or other apps (on a mac and PC) were I use a wireless headset, but if I’m not at the desk, I can’t use the push-to-talk key. I thought your device would work since I can map a key-bind (cntl-opt-F15) but press and hold take me to the other remote apps, which I don’t want. It would be great to be able to remove the other three “apps” so that long press is just that; a remote keybaord with 4 keys.

Hey Eddie, I’m glad to hear you’re looking into alternative uses for the remote. It is Bluetooth at the end of the day, so if you’re handy with programming, you can simply connect the remote and have it register as a bluetooth device. Alternatively, you can change the buttons to use a custom url or custom script, which can do the discord work. Problem is figuring out how to get Discord to accept a talk action and a stop talking action. But if you can make it a keyboard shortcut, you can have the Turn Touch app use it with a script.

Had the same use-case for my Turn Touch remote, just for Zoom rather than Discord. @egoaz2ca have you managed to get this to work for Discord? If yes, could you please share details how?