Powerpoint control on Mac not working

I’m trying to control a Powerpoint 2016 for Mac presentation but I can’t get it to respond to Turntouch. I tried in Keynote and it works fine. I’m not sure how to debug it though. Any thoughts?

This is a known issue. I only built in support for Keynote (as I had to give a presentation a couple months ago). I’ll build in Powerpoint soon enough.

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+1 for PowerPoint on Mac, if possible.

Would turn heads if I presented using a Turn Touch to drive. :slight_smile:

+1 for this too. Would it be possible to enable a universal presentation mode, where the remote acts as a keyboard device? By mapping the keys to left arrow / right arrow, Esc and Space you will be able to control 99% of presentation apps sufficiently.

In fact a keyboard action would be very useful in general!

Ok, I added Powerpoint support. Switch between Keynote/Powerpoint in the app’s options. Will be released shortly.

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