Not there yet but

I’ll admit that not everything worked flawlessly when I first set up my Turntouch, but:

  • Kudos for shipping when the hardware is ready. Software is never really ‘finished’, and I’m happy to have the Turn Touch in my hand, and it keeps getting more powerful every day.
  • This is the most responsive and engaged Kickstartee I’ve ever had the pleasure of backing, the fact that raising issues here gets a response within hours and a fix within days is breathtaking.
  • I’m just full of admiration for everything you’ve put into this.

Thanks Samuel!


Thanks Fredley, I appreciate the kind words. I run this community forum identically to how I run NewsBlur. Answering support and doing it in public is a joy for me.

You’re right that I shipped the hardware first. The software was actually written well before I got the hardware right. And if you received a prototype device, you know how far the hardware had to go. But now that hardware is nearly shipped (still got all the Rosewoods left to ship, but I’m half-way done with those) I’m coming back to getting the software right.

Pairing is a pain because Bluetooth can be flaky on new devices. But once they’ve done the handshake, it works perfectly.