No iOS pairing...brand new / quick help!?

Was very excited to use this as a bluetooth page switcher for ForScore / iPad.

I downloaded the software, and actually paired right away to the iPad. However, when I went upstairs with the Turn Touch and came back down, the pairing disappeared. No I cannot get it to respond at all… (“No Remote Found”)

I’ve tried rebooting the app, tried pressing the 4 buttons on the device, etc…

I just don’t have time to trouble shoot this any more and really hope to find a simple answer to this before my trip. Thanks!

Hi Ben, if the remote paired then your best bet is to turn bluetooth on and off and possibly restart the app. But if you’re using forScore then you’ll want to pair it with forScore and not with the Turn Touch app.

Yeah I noticed that after I’d already paired with the iOS app… The issue is now neither ForScore nor iOS app is recognizing the device for pairing. I’ve tried tapping the “Arrow” button as well to power on(?)…

I’ll try replacing the battery tomorrow…if you have any other ideas please let me know asap. My grand plan was to velcro this to my Nord Stage 3 and use it to flip pages. Performing Bohemian Rhapsody on Sunday and that’s a lot of page turning. :slight_smile:

Hoping to get it working.

Did the new battery work? I’ve noticed that on a low battery it will be flakey and connect intermittently.

Indeed… the one it shipped with must have been on its last legs.

Right now I’m on stage and getting random large pop-up windows with “Airbud” trying to connect — which I’ve never seen before, so i may need to turn BT off tonight.