Menu bar icon disappears on iMac

Everytime I try to open the TT app on my iMac, the icon disappears. I can’t erase and re-download because it’s always open because I cant close it.
Anyone that can help?

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That means it’s closing itself. That means it’s already running. Check your menu bar, is it already there? If you have a number of icons it can be hard to spot.

Otherwise it’s crashing and I have no idea why. Can you open the Console app (find it using. Spotlight) and see if Turn Touch spits out anything when you launch the app.

I’m getting the same bug issues :frowning:

So it appears for a second and then disappears? See anything in the console app? You can find console in spotlight.

I’m not sure what to look for in console app… I’m very inexperienced with
other than basic function computing.