MacOS app crashes when refreshing SONOS list

Running v6 on the TT and the latest version (Dec-19) of the MacOS app on MacOS 10.15.3 the app crashes when trying to refresh the SONOS list. I recently updated my SONOS system, replacing various speakers with Amps. The app shows “Connecting to Sonos…” for one or two seconds and then crashes.

Popping in to say I’m having a similar problem. Just wiped my Mac mini and I’m re-setting up Turn Touch Mac, but when I went to scan for Sonos the app crashed. Now the app is crashing on open as it resumes scanning. Had to go nuclear and delete/re-install the app.

Currently running Big Sur 11.1 and the latest version of the Turn Touch Mac app (1.4.6 I think? I’d check to confirm but the app only opens for a few seconds before crashing)