Links in Mac App To This Forum

I really like that the Mac App has direct links into this forum - for each of the categories.

A minor tweak I’d make is to have some kind of heading above the set of 4 links. Something like “Online FORUM:” . I’d make it clickable - to come to the home page of the forum.

Yeah I agree and I thought about that. But I checked some apps and there’s not really a precedent for menu group set titles in menus. There is in drop-downs, but I couldn’t find an easy way to do it for menus.

One issue is the 4 forums look like disjoint entities so when a user logs on they might not realise their newly-created userid is good for all 4. I just think it would be more honest.


  1. The top-level link is not indented.
  2. The 4 forums are indented by half an inch or so.

Or something like that. Should be doable.