Keynote support broken on MacOS Mojave?

I confirmed my device is working. I can control volume in iTunes. But when trying to navigate slides in keynote, nothing works. It may be related to ''allowed apps" in the automation page being empty. Doesn’t seem to be a way to force turntouch to show up Is there a known fix/workaround?

PowerPoint also, in my experience.

Can I bump this?

Has anyone got either Keynote or PowerPoint working with Turn Touch in Mojave?

I fiddled with it again yesterday. I’m convinced that the Turn Touch software is seeing the presses - but that nothing is happening in PowerPoint.

I looked for eg Accessibility settings but didn’t see anything.

@samuelclay have you tested this with Mojave yet?

I’m on 1.0.3 of the software and it says it’s the latest version.

After 3 weeks of no feedback from project owner, I have to assume that TurnTouch is no more. Sad, because it was a cool product. Sorry to see it go.

Just fixed this bug! Sorry about that, looks like I fixed it in October but forgot to deploy it. I finally had time over Thanksgiving weekend to get it pushed out and verified.

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Thanks! So I look forward to testing this.