Keyboard Maestro Remote Web Trigger Works - on Mac


So, if you’re a Keyboard Maestro user you’ll like this:

I just got Turn Touch - via a Remote Web Trigger - to kick off “Hello World” automation in Keyboard Maestro.

With that I can get the Mac to do just about anything - just with 1 press of a Turn Touch button.

When you set up a Keyboard Maestro RWT macro you get a URL you can paste into the Turn Touch app.


Anything I can do to make this easier to setup please let me know! Also, do you have examples of the URL that you use for Keyboard Maestro? Screenshots? That would be super helpful to anybody else trying to set this up.


The problem with the URLs is they are specific to the user / Mac.

Yes, I’m prepared to blog or whatever about what I achieve with Turn Touch. The idea being to help others.

As you can tell from all my posts I’m just exploring what can be done. This one was a nice surprise. Other things will take a little longer to get working.


Actually I believe I can run an AppleScript to run a specific Keyboard Maestro action. Might be a better route than Remote Web Trigger.