Just received it today - guess I need replacement .?


Just got my turn touch remote (order #TT1269) - was delivered today… But doesn’t work at all… No computer or iphone or laptop can pair it… I’m guessing its a defective board or something was not put together properly? I see a few others with the same problem.

What are the steps to get a refund or replacement remote? Beautiful woodwork btw - I hope I can get one in working condition.

Anyhow - The other problems are software related… Both the iOS app and the Mac app have serious UI issues. White on white background settings text/items/buttons all sorts of things like that. I can’t see one single option to click on that I believe is how its meant to look. Not sure if its related to dark/light mode in Mojave… but its also with the iphone… some strange UI issues as well. Anyhow - I thought I was going crazy or there was some secret handshake to get it paired, but it seems im not the only one…


Hi, is there any chance you can post a screenshot of how the app looks wrong? I haven’t heard that feedback before so I’m eager to find out.

As for the board, can you try replacing the battery? It’s often the case of a CR2032 coin cell battery that needs replacing. If that doesn’t work, I’d be happy to send you a new board.