Just received it today - guess I need replacement .?

Just got my turn touch remote (order #TT1269) - was delivered today… But doesn’t work at all… No computer or iphone or laptop can pair it… I’m guessing its a defective board or something was not put together properly? I see a few others with the same problem.

What are the steps to get a refund or replacement remote? Beautiful woodwork btw - I hope I can get one in working condition.

Anyhow - The other problems are software related… Both the iOS app and the Mac app have serious UI issues. White on white background settings text/items/buttons all sorts of things like that. I can’t see one single option to click on that I believe is how its meant to look. Not sure if its related to dark/light mode in Mojave… but its also with the iphone… some strange UI issues as well. Anyhow - I thought I was going crazy or there was some secret handshake to get it paired, but it seems im not the only one…

Hi, is there any chance you can post a screenshot of how the app looks wrong? I haven’t heard that feedback before so I’m eager to find out.

As for the board, can you try replacing the battery? It’s often the case of a CR2032 coin cell battery that needs replacing. If that doesn’t work, I’d be happy to send you a new board.

Hi. I’ll update the app and see if it’s still looking funny on my systems. It’s been awhile since I checked. Regarding the board. I was sent another one somehow. This one works. I’ll try replacing the battery on the original one tho and let you know. Won’t be able to post an update till prob later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Thanks again

Hey how did it go?