iOS: Hue: Problem with szenes

I tried to set polarlight szene to all rooms.
Not all rooms have colored lights.
Program ends when I Click the button.
Configuration for this button is lost.
Looks like a bug for me.

I changed to 1 Single room and added a New action for the next room. This will work, but with a small Time delay.

The app should work well for non colored lights. Essentially you’re setting brightness. What happens when you select the scene, does it not change to the correct scene? I have a couple Hue Lux lights that are single color and they work as expected.

Can you post any screenshots?

Works when 3 Rooms are defiened
Hue E27, GU10 Color (room 1)
Hue E27 (room 2)
Innr bulbs color. (Room 3)

But when set to all rooms it

  • crashes and ends the program
  • or just don‘t change to selected

Ok, if it’s crashing then I’ll see the crash report and will get it fixed for the next update. Thanks for reporting this!