IFTTT: Switch from connecting via macos to connecting via iOS?

I want to switch IFTTT to connecting to the Turn Touch from iOS instead of the macos app.

I’ve tried to reset the IFTTT Turntouch Service, but the iOS app has me click connect via ifttt.com/turntouch and it just shows the mac app connection name again.

Is there something I’m missing?

I guess the question is, how do I deauthenticate the turntouch macos app from IFTTT, and how do I reauthenticate the turntouch iOS app to IFTTT.

You should be able to use IFTTT from both. The dropdown for which button should separate out all of your devices by device name.

Yup. I saw a separate set of IFTTT of connections from both the macos and iOS app.

I can’t seem to make the IFTTT connections from the iOS app appear again. Is there a link I need to use from the iOS side to activate that connection again?

I just signed and paid for IFTTT so it should be coming online within the week.


Yay @samuelclay! :slight_smile:

Did the official IFTTT release happen? I still can’t seem to remove the old service data from IFTTT so that it can see the iOS app. It still thinks the macos app is running, sort of.

It’s about to happen. I’m still going through a final review. Once approved, I will also approve the iOS app for the App Store.