How To Remember What Each Button Does?


I’ve not yet received my 2 x TurnTouch, though they are on their way. But I got to thinking:

How can people remember what each button does?

I thought of a template (a hollow square) but that’s rather tacky. I also thought about a sticker on the bottom but that is tacky (literally) :slight_smile: also.

Anyone thought this through?

Dynamic Button Sets?

Hi Martin,

Great question. Personally I have two sets of two remotes in my apartment. Two are connected to my Mac and two to an iPad. (I also have one on me at all times and that’s connected to my iPhone).

The Mac remotes are generally used for music, the alarm clock, lighting, and the mac itself. I just need to remember the apps (North = Mac, East = music, South = alarm, West = Hue) and the rest of the buttons are self explanatory. North/South in music control volume. In Hue they make the lights brighter or dimmer.

The iPad remotes are exclusively for lighting. The north app is for bright scenes, east and west apps are for types of randomness in different rooms, and south is for controlling brightness.

In other words, you get used to it.

I should mention that I’m working on an alternate scheme for v2 that is 12 buttons instead of 16 buttons. Single tap, Double tap, and Hold will all be different actions for the four buttons. Right now the buttons are modal, in that you hold down to switch to a mode, which can be confusing. But modal means 16 buttons (4 apps * 4 buttons per app) and this new scheme only has 12. I will most certainly let you switch between the two styles to better fit how you use the remote.