How Do I Enable IFTTT in Mac App?

I see IFTTT listed - to the left - when I bring up the Mac App HUD (all 4 buttons at once).

But how do I replace, say, the Alarm app with the IFTTT one? And how do I then enable a flow?

(By the way my 2 Turn Touches just arrived and look rather nice. They paired just fine when I noticed I had to push each button in turn to complete the pairing.)

Hit the ‘change’ button next to the app title. You can switch any of the button apps to other apps.

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What I also didn’t realize at first was that that list in the mac app does scroll (I know, it should have been obvious) – so there are more applications than I originally believed available!

Yeah you’re not the first to mention that. I’m not sure how to make it clearer that the list scrolls (as it does for actions as well) but on iOS at least I can ‘flash’ the scroll bars when you open the list.

By the way, I should mention that the Turn Touch IFTTT channel is in private beta (you need to activate it with a URL I sent out a bit ago) but I just signed up for the full service, so it should be approved and public within a week or so.

One hacky thing I thought of would be to make the top 6 items in the list not fit perfectly in the drop-down by default. If you clip the bottom two items in the list it’d make it clearer that it’s scrollable, but it might look hack-y.

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Love that idea. I might play with the bounding box in the next release.