HomeKit only works with app in foreground

Perhaps I was unable to find a prior thread, but my turn touch only works when the app is open. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with the bluetooth connection. I am running the latest iOS public beta. Is this an issue with the TurnTouch app, the device design, or the iPhone?

The app should work perfectly fine in the background, even in scenarios where the remote is at home and you arrive home with your phone. The two should see each other and reconnect when you hit a button on the Turn Touch.

What iPhone version do you have? Try rebooting the phone and seeing if that helps. Does it work in the background 1 minute after you exit the app? 10 minutes? 1 hour?

I’m using an iPad Pro. Same issue, when I close the iPad the turn touch does not work. Unless the iPad is open and app is open the turn touch will not work.

Does restarting the iPad help? That’s very strange that it doesn’t work in the background. Can you check Settings and see if Turn Touch is enabled for background execution? And is it enabled for background location? I think you may have disallowed either of those and the app should probably warn you if they’re off.

I have the same problem. All settings for background refresh and location etc. are enabled.

Interestingly, my phone vibrates (when that setting is on) indicating the app is receiving the button press, it’s just that the action doesn’t fire (HomeKit scenes in my case).

I am seeing the same problem that chriscarruthers is describing. I’m seeing it with Homekit, but Sonos seems to be fine/working in the background or with the phone locked.

On HomeKit, unfortunately that’s the reality until Apple makes a change. HomeKit does work but only while in the foreground. They know about the issue and it’s my hope that in the next year they open up HomeKit a bit further for developers like me.

C’mon Apple, get it together. :frowning_face: