Developer Documentation

Have you tried to put together a Bluetooth Services cheat sheet for the Turn Touch handier than reading through the firmware source code?

A sample in some language for some environment would be good.

I’m wondering if an Open Source Turntouch project could be done. I’d try to contribute.

I’ve started code spikes for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I’m not satisfied with either, but it would make a lot of sense to use a Pi or an ESP32 as a ‘base station’. If anyone else can contribute, let me know. Mostly, if you can get the structure of bluetooth connections and notifications working, the rest is straightforward (to me at least0.

I just got a Pi and I have an Arduino, in case that helps.

I plan on open-sourcing the Mac app and the iOS app at some point. When I do this I’ll also write up the UDID values. You can discover these easily enough with Nordic’s nrf/Connect Toolbox on Android or iOS. It’s a great app available in the store. You’ll be able to see the Turn Touch’s services and characteristics, and you can turn on notifications on one of the characteristics to get real-time button notifications. The data format is easy enough to figure out.

Hi folks! I’ve built a little app that hooks up to a Turn Touch via Web Bluetooth:

Should work in Chrome on Android and Mac, IIRC.

The relevant code is here:


Wow @mattdsteele, this is amazing. It’s helping me figure out exactly how I want to document all of the open-source projects that work with Turn Touch.

I know that I want to link to projects like this and also help projects like this bloom. I suppose that means including a bit about the service/characteristics UUIDs and then a note about the 2 byte notification. Looks like you’ve done the work here so I might crib from your presentation in that impeccable JS.

Ok, here’s what I came up with.

Happy to take feedback!