Crashing whenever I try to access the Sonos speaker list

Cannot use the remote wth Sonos which is 99% of my usage. Close to giving up on this product. It an interesting idea but th implementation seems pretty flawed.

What Sonos devices do you have in your network? I only tested with a Sonos One and a Sonos Play:1, both of which work. I’m interested to find out what the sonos device that’s causing the crash is and why.

I have a sonos home theater with a Playbar, a subwoofer, and two Play-1s, also have a Play-3 and another Play-1 in the house. It all shows up as three zones.

Happy to capture some debug info for you (I am an ex-developer).

Ohh perfect! What’s your Github username? I’ll add you to the repo so I can have you run the app from Xcode. That will get to the bottom of it.

Seems like you’re on it, but I’d like to add that my iOS turn touch app has also started crashing with Sonos and can no longer control my Sonos. I have two Play:1s and it’s been working great since I got the turntouch until about a week or two ago.


There you go, just added you. Try and compile that and see if it works.

Ok finally dinking with this. What should I do about provisioning profile? Install yours or use my own?

Use your own provisioning profile. It will just disable automatic updates from the app store until you reinstall from the app store (which doesn’t require you to uninstall your own app, just install the app store on top).