Changing Sonos Speaker Selection Doesn't Stick

When trying to change the Sonos speaker controlled by the TurnTouch, the selection always snaps back to the speaker at the top of the alphabetically ordered list.
I recorded a brief video to demo issue.

Yeah I need to fix this. It just isn’t saving the preference, though I don’t know why it shouldn’t. To be honest I only own a single Sonos device, so I just never tested that.

By the way, when it is fixed you’ll notice that all of those dropdown are the same. If you select a speaker in one, then it’s changed in all of them. But only for that app. So if you make a batch action (the + Add Action button) then you can command different speakers.

Right on, I’ll keep an eye out for the fix. Thanks for putting together such a cool platform for this.

Thanks for letting me know! I just pushed an update to the Mac app, v1.0b5. Let me know if you see it and it fixes the issue. A number of people have this issue so it’d be great if you could confirm this fixes it.

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Will do first thing when I get home tonight! Thanks for following up on this. I’ll update once I’ve tried it.

Checking in now that I’ve had a chance to update, unfortunately it seems the issue still occurs. Selecting any speaker other than the top alphabetical speaker results in the selection immediately snapping back to the same one speaker.
The issue is occurring with added actions as well, snapping back to the same one speaker.

Can you tell me which Sonos devices you have?

By the way, I ordered a second Sonos speaker and it should be here tomorrow. I’ll have a fix out shortly after I think.

Awesome! I’ve got my fingers crossed. I’m running a node server that makes http calls through the TurnTouch in the meantime, but it’ll be great to have more direct control through the remote. Thanks for everything so far.

And to answer your first question, I’ve got a Play:1, 1st Gen Play:5, 2nd Gen Play:5, and One. If there’s any other testing or poking you need please don’t hesitate to let me know

Ok, just released a fix and this should now work correctly. I tested it with all sorts of multiple speaker group configurations and it should play/pause and change volume for individual speakers.

Note that if you want to change multiple speaker volumes at once, add each speaker as a batch action (+ Add Action).

Did this work out for anybody?