Can't get Nest to work

Setup of Nest account seems to work OK (on Nest account TurnTouch is shown under “Works With Nest” to “Control Temperature and Thermostat Settings.”) I have removed Nest permission and re-added, and have reinstalled the TurnTouch app (IOS), but change temp actions don’t work.



Do you have a Mac? Try installing the Turn Touch Mac app and see if you can connect and control Nest from there. I’m wondering if it’s your Nest account or some other permission.

I installed the Mac app, but was unable to pair it with my Turn Touch, even after replacing the battery. So no luck there either.

You’ll have to unpair it with your phone (or just turn off your phone’s Bluetooth temporarily) in order to get it to pair with the Mac.

I did try that, but it didn’t help.

I got my Turn Touch to pair with my Mac by turning my phone off. I could get the Turn Touch to set a specific temperature, but the raise/lower actions didn’t work.

Are you in heat or cool mode? It seems to work for setting temp in heat/cool mode but raising and lowering only works in one or the other. I’d be interested to hear what you would have it do in dual mode.

My nest is in heat mode. I tried numerous times to pair with my Mac again, but couldn’t make the connection. I’ll try again on the weekend when I’ve got more time.

In the meantime I can still control my next via IFTTT.