Cannot connect after upgrading mac to Mojave


My device will not connect after upgrading my mac to Mojave. Help!


got it reconnected w/ a new battery. no longer works with itunes.


Make sure you’re running the latest version. I fixed it a couple weeks ago. Also, you may need to go to System Preferences > Security + Privacy > Privacy > Automation > Turn Touch needs to be checked.


Thanks. It only shows up in Accessibility, not Automation. How do I add it?
I am on v1.0.3


Make sure you’re running the latest. Go to the TT app > Settings > About > Check for Updates. Then, once on latest, and you hit the “Next Track” button, the OS should prompt you to enable TT.


Says I am on the latest version: 1.0.3
no prompt. is there a way to force it?