Can only use top button for double tap actions

Hi there,
I am using the remotes with Philips Hue and it is working alright. However, I would like to turn different lights on with one tap on a button and turn them off with a double tap on the same button.
I can do this with the top button. But with any other button, the double tap is just ignored. In fact, the double tap just seems to trigger the single-tap action.

Any advice?

After removing the action completely and re-adding it I noticed that somehow the scene “Lights Off” is completely unavailable now. This would explain why it wouldn’t be triggered before. Double tap is now working when choosing one of the other scenes.
I currently have two rooms with Hue lights, let’s say A and B. For A the “Lights Off” scene is available for room B it is not. Why could the be?