Broken circuit board?

I just received my TurnTouch. It looks very nice, but doesn’t seem to work. I have been unable to pair it to two different Macs and an iPhone. I’ve also tried to discover the device using the LightBlue Explorer on both Mac and iOS, to no avail. I’ve also tried replacing the battery.

Are there any other steps I can take to diagnose the issue, or would it possible to get a replacement board?


Absolutely a replacement board is possible. Here’s the link, discount is applied at checkout:

I received my new board, and everything is working great now! Thanks so much for resolving this quickly.

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Same issue here also. Tried everything and running out of ideas before I have to abandon this for my project. Please let me how I can get a discount on the replacement board.

Hi, just use that link above and I’ll get you a replacement.