Bluetooth pairing

I received my turntouch today (beautiful by the way), and is there a key combination to place in pairing mode? I can see the device in Bluetooth, (Raytac Test), but I cannot get the app to recognize it. I can pair outside the app and everything. I tried the new battery, and have been constantly trying. Left it without power for the evening, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, tried the older build (restart between each uninstall, clear remaining cache), no dice. Any suggestions?

I’ll send you a new board no problem. How did you know to use the nrf connect app? I assume you searched for it here?

I do wonder if I can rescue these boards using the DFU in the app. Anyway it’s probably only a small handful and it’s been fixed for the other remotes.

Visit this link and buy a replacement board. It’ll be free at checkout.

Hi Sam,

I opened the link yesterday, and checkout still had me at the 15, as for the issue, still no dice. And actually the bluetooth initially was showing through my work android as the raytac showed.

And sorry for the delay, was out of town on a work thing.

Thank you so much ,

Actually, prior to you sending a new link, saving some hassle, is the app looking for a specific name from the board when it is attempting to pair? I can attempt the DFU repair, and if it functions, saves everyone, and I can add to the forum that its working.