Battery at 55%?

I just set up my turn touch a few days ago, it’s sitting on a table in the basement. I haven’t used it yet. After the new software release today I noticed that the battery life is listed at 55%?

How do I replace/recharge the battery if it’s this depleted after being in my possession for a week or two?


I think the battery meter is just not very accurate. I’m using the default based on what Nordic provided. It tends to jump wildly.

Ah, was just going to ask. It was 95% yesterday, I barely used it and just noticed it showed 65%.

@derek, the turn touch is two parts that are held together by magnets, just pull the top and bottom apart, the battery is “under” the buttons.

@mkalus, what’s the battery at today?

@samuelclay Just checked, the desktop app now says 80%.

That’s both good and bad news. I think I’ll have to do a deeper dive on the battery level meter and see what’s up.

Just FYI, mine is back up to 87%. I had disconnected it since I haven’t set anything up yet and wondered if it was draining because the mac and it were across the house.

Thanks for the tip on how to replace the battery should I need to - I had forgotten that detail, but works very nice.