appleTV App

How about an TV App for the connectivity?
When it works as an homekit server why not store such an App there? :thinking:

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That’s a ton of work but may be something I consider far down the pipe.

… or maybe the TT can be a remote for the appleTV?

A few people have asked about tvOS but it’s not yet on the radar. However, if it keeps being asked, that may change.

Consider this another ask. Though my media server mac works fine as a hub for now. :slight_smile:

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Would be useful

I would also love Apple TV support for music playback controls. Play/pause, skip, backwards.

Super interested in Apple TV being supported!

Normally I play Spotify music on apple TV with Spotify connect but sometime the connection is not so good so I use another method -convert Spotify music to MP3, and make them playable on Apple TV.