Android Compatibility?

I appreciate its probably a long-shot but any chance of an android app… because… you know, android is better :wink:


Would love to make it. If you agree, feel free to chime in.


I would love an Android app too!

Sure! iphone is just turned on cause of turntouch. For all other purposes I use android. Would be cool to have TurnTouch app on Android!

I agree!
I ordered a TurnTouch but I did not recognized that only ios and Mac was supported.

I have a TurnTouch at home and could not use it :frowning:

Br Marcus

Would love to see Android support. My turn touch is limited because it is linked to my MacBook, would love to expand it’s ability with an Android app

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I would also appreciate this, even more so if it could interact with Tasker

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Primary Android user here checking in…

Another one that would love an Android app!

Any news on this? I think I will sell my TurnTouch now. I still could not use it :frowning:

Would be great !

I second this!

Please! You got develop an android app!

Yes please!!!

I actually bought the TurnTouch because I thought it was cool and hoped that there would be Android compatibility in the future. I’m working on setting up the Raspberry Pi as a receiver, but it’s way less capable.

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yes, please

Any news? Still hoping for Android support.

Would really appreciate Android app