A poor product

When the remote can connect to the Mac, ti works well, but most of the time, the TurnTouch App cannot connect to my MacBook (“No remotes could be found”). It connects to my iPhone when I don’t want it to, but it won’t connect to my Mac.

1.0.2 seems to haver made my connection problem worse. You need to fix the software!! I feel like I wasted my money,

I’d love to help but I don’t think called my remote a poor product will do you any favors. As for the issue, I’m happy to get it fixed. It was a wide-ranging change and it’s possible it broke something.

I’m not sure what happening but I’m going to take a deep dive and see if I can figure out what happened. I suggest that you change the title of this post to something a bit more informative (and less derogatory) like “v1.0.2 of the Mac app can’t find my remote”.